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Trainingscapes (previously referred to as Fieldscapes) is Daden's 3D and VR Immersive Training and Learning authoring and delivery service and application. It allows students and employees to undertake a wide variety of immersive training and learning exercises and experiences from working in hospitals, making home visits or working on construction sites and in laboratories to making field trips in Wet English Valleys (or even on Mars), and even time-travel journeys to historical sites and events. Most importantly it allows tutors, eLearning teams, teachers and even students (and parents) to create their own exercises and experiences, share them with other users, and (permission allowing) let other users customise those lessons for their own needs. 

Anyone with ICT skills and a logical mind should be able to create or customise exercises using our library of locations, exercise props and the PIVOTE authoring system. If you really do need to create a new landscape or set of props (called an inventory) then that will require some knowledge of Unity3D (an industry standard application), but there are many freelancers who specialises in that, as well within many Games/Computer science students and departments (at school, college or University) - so go make some friends!

To learn more, including detailed instructions on how to use the system as a user or author, just follow one of the links below.

We have made some example exercises and locations available to all Tutors and Teachers on the Trainingscapes Gallery Page for you to look at and try out - but most client content is protected to just their employees and students.

To learn more about how to use Trainingscapes (especially the Editor)  check out our Video TutorialsTutorial Worksheets, and exercise Video Walkthroughs.

Coming from Second Life? Check out our Second Life to Trainingscapes Comparison.

Recommended PC specification and guidance on Screen Resolution.

Learn about Using Trainingscapes with VR Headsets, and which HMDs we currently support. 

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