StepByStep - Registering - Downloading - Signing In

This guide will take you step by step what you need to do to register for Trainingscapes, download and install the software, and then sign in to the Trainingscapes Explorer application and choose your avatar.

Note: Trainingscapes currently works on Windows 10.,Mac, Android and iOS versions also supported.

A PDF with much of this information is available for download at

Step 1 - Registering

To create a Trainingscapes account there are two options:

  • If you are registering as an individual, or are the first person in your organisation to register, then go to the following link to register:
  • If someone else in your organisation has already registered with Trainingscapes and has sent you a link to create an account within your organisation then click on the link that they have sent you.
  • Students should not manually register but should be registered by teachers via the students page within the dashboard. Instruction for this can be found here: Creating Student Accounts

Either way you should arrive at the account registration page, except that by the latter route the Organisation field will already be completed.

Fill out the form, and note in particular the requirements for the password.

Click on Register.

You will then be sent a confirmation email to the email address you gave. Click on the link in the email and your account will be activated.

Step 2 - Downloading

Note: You can do this before you register if you like, or while you are waiting for the confirmation email, or after you have confirmed - it's up to you.

To download the desktop software (PC, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android):

The software will download to your PC or Mac. The file may take 2 - 5 minutes to download depending on your bandwidth.

If you are on mobile you will be sent to the respective app store for iOS or Android devices.

Once it has downloaded double-click on the downloaded file to install it. 

We have tried to ensure that the application is correctly signed but you may still get warnings from Windows about "Do not trust this software", "Rarely seen software" or even "This software will damage you PC!" - but please rest assured that it is a safe application to put on your computer. If accessing from work/school/college/uni you may need Admin priveleges in which case it's time to call your IT department!

The installer will then take you through the following screens on Windows or Mac 

  • User Account Control - Windows will ask for confirmation that the application can make changes to your PC - i.e. install itself! Answer Yes.
  • Welcome to the Trainingscapes Setup Wizard - read and click on Next
  • Destination Location - tell the wizard where you want to install Trainingscapes - if you're happy with the default (Program Files (x86)) just click on Next.
  • Start Menu Folder -  tell the wizard the name of the Start Menu folder to put Trainingscapes in - if you're happy with the default (Trainingscapes) just click on Next.
  • Desktop Icon - if you're happy to create a desktop icon (we strongly advise you do!) just click Next
  • Ready to Install - the wizard will summarise the settings, if all is OK click Install.
  • Setup Complete - if all is OK then click on Finish to close the final screen.

The whole process should take less than a minute.

Note: When you install an upgrade it's almost exactly the same process except you may be asked whether you want to keep your existing data files or over-write them. THESE ARE NOT your exercises, just house-keeping files, but we advise that you answer Yes to keep the files.

Step 3 - Signing In

You can now start to use Trainingscapes:

  • Double click on the Trainingscapes icon on your desktop

The main application will load and display the logon screen.

  • Enter your email
  • Enter your password
  • Tick "Remember ME" if this your own PC, not a shared one
  • Click on Login

Step 4 - Choose an Avatar

When you first launch the application you will be invited to choose an avatar. You can change your choice at any time from the ... menu icon on the right-hand corner of the Gallery page.

Click on any of the avatar images at right to see the full body view of the avatar. We have avatars for both kids and adults, and some which are linked to particular types of exercises (e.g. medical, construction, space). Once you have decided which avatar you want to use for now click on Confirm Selection.

The main Exercise Gallery screen will then load and you'll be good to go.

Note: When students log on with student accounts they only see a few general categories (e.g. Tutorials) and any Assignments you have created - they don't see all the Categories/Exercises.

Now move on to our StepbyStep - Running the First Tutorials to start to use the system.

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